laugh line: (lăf’ līn’) n. 1. A line of code thrown across the Internet to connect the best of funny literature to those in need of such. 2. A means or route by which necessary laughs are provided to offset stress, bad days at work, jerks at the bar, and that message in your voice mail demanding you call a tax attorney immediately. 3. One regarded as a source of laughter and comedLaugh Line in a Palmy in times of boredom or distress. 4. A diagonal line crossing the palm of the hand believed to indicate a major sense of humor about one’s psychological makeup.

It’s widely accepted that comedic literature got its start way back in the day among the ancient Greeks. It’s not widely accepted that the cave dwellers long before them ever indulged their funny bone, but our bet is that they, too, appreciated a good slip on a banana peel. Maybe comedic nuances were just too difficult to rub into a stone wall, which was probably to the relief of the rest of some of the mothers in the tribe who knew just what kind of caricatures those nudniks would have created. Regardless, comedy at one point began, and then it thrived. And now, we have a myriad of forms of it to amuse ourselves with, including oodles of books (oodles, for those of you who don’t know, is just a few shy of a google). The question then becomes: how is one to find such books?

To answer that question, Your Laugh Line was born.

Created, rather. Your Laugh Line was created.

And now here we are. As are you. So go forth! Explore the website. Discover the best in funny literature. Introduce yourself to new authors. Broaden your comedic horizons. Laugh until your diaphragm develops its own six-pack. Then, after you wipe your eyes, tell all your friends about us.

Oh, and tell us about us! Let us know if we’re missing out on one of your favorite funny peeps so we can discover and share that author with the rest of the world, too.