Bad Day in a Banana Hammock

by Stuart R. West
Banana HammockZach wakes up with no memory, no phone, and no clothes except his stripper g-string. And oh yeah! There’s that pesky naked dead guy in bed next to him. Problem is Zach's not gay. Or a murderer. At least, he doesn't think so.Only one person can help him, his sister, Zora. Of course Zora's got problems of her own—she has three kids at home and is eight month's pregnant with the fourth. So she’s a bit cranky. But that’s not going to stop her from helping her brother.With kids in tow, the siblings set how to find the true killer, clear Zach's name, and reassure Zach he's not gay.Review“An hilarious murder mystery romp. Ride along with Zach and Zora on this most entertaining of mysteries.”-Heather Brainerd, author of the Jose Picada, P.I. mystery series.“Bad Day in a Banana Hammock will have you wiping up tears of hysterical laughter.”-Suzanne de Montigney, author of the Shadow of the Unicorn series.


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