The Tao of Bill Murray

by Gavin Edwards
Billy Murray

Millions of people have had the pleasure of watching Bill Murray on the TV and movie screens. Some have even managed to catch a glimpse of him up to some antics on a golf course. But only a few have had the surreal pleasure of Murray crashing their bachelor party or plopping on the bar stool next to them at an airport for a moment of spontaneous fun and wisdom. Apparently, Murray has a knack for that kind of stuff and Edwards had the time and inclination to travel about the world collecting tales and anecdotes of his behavior. Edwards proves that Murray’s comedic genius isn’t something he simply provides for the camera. He lives his unconventional and fun-loving life with authenticity. And every now and then, he’ll jump into a kickball game to help spread his delightful view of what a good life is all about.


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