Scot Free in Hollywood

by Robertson Tait
Scot Free in HollywoodKyle Harrison is a young Scottish actor blundering his way to the top of the Hollywood tree. With his trademark slouch and deadly mixture of boyish charm and athletic good looks, Kyle is irresistible to the ladies but frequently misunderstood.Book Two: Three years after a shrewd director's eye plucked him from obscurity, Kyle's movie career has taken him from rebellious unknown to reluctant movie sensation. Along the way he has acquired a well-documented reputation as an irresistible ladies' man. But his unblemished womanizer record is in danger when he is cast to co-star with rising European actress Barbara Bertucci. Their titanic clashes are the talk of the town until they unexpectedly go off together on a romantic holiday in Moorea. Is their romance real, or just the usual promotional photo op?


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