Everything is Awful

by Matt Bellassai
Everything is AwfulIf the antithesis to a good Valentine read is more up your alley, check this guy out. Bellasai is a contributing writer to BuzzFeed and he’s the People’s Choice Award-winner comedian behind the Whine About It and To Be Honest web series. He also seems to have a gift for collecting and cataloging the worst moments of his life in an absurdly funny way. Let’s face it, people who write about “adulting” are not amusing to most of us; after all, literally billions of people are doing it every day. But those who can write about blundering around as adults, suffering indignities and micro-tragedies as par for the course, we can tolerate and even enjoy. Bellassai falls into the latter category – and boy are we glad his life is so pathetic! It makes for a fun read!


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