The Pope of Palm Beach

by Tim Dorsey
The Pope of Palm Beach

Every time we type “Tim Dorsey” our fingers want to pop in an epithet and call him the “outrageously diabolical and irreverent Tim Dorsey.” This book goes a long way into explaining why. No one can create such violent and twisted stories with such sardonic wit and humor as Dorsey. In his latest, Serge A. Storms and his perpetually stoned sidekick Coleman, return to the stomping grounds of their youth on a literary pilgrimage to revisit the legendary figures Serge fondly remembers. Or at least remembers. We’re still not sure if we can ever say “fondly” with regards to how Serge feels about anything. Of course, since Dorsey is writing, there are plenty of Floridian villains, madcap violence, and a high body count to go along with the hilarious events. Oh, and if you’ve been wondering, you will find out when, exactly, is a good time to hack a motel air-conditioner.


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