I Could Pee on This

by Francesco Marciuliano
I Could Pee on This

Do you know what else happens on Super Bowl Sunday? The Kitten Bowl. That’s right. If you don’t want to see a bunch of oversized men pummel each other over a toy ball, then you can tune into 4 hours of adorable kittens doing whatever it is that kittens do best. If that has more appeal to you than the Eagles vs. the Patriots, then you simply have to get this book full of poems that only a cat could write. So don your favorite Beatnik beret and your best black outfit gather up your favorite feline friends for a little iambic pentameter and free verse. Her new sweater doesn’t smell of me / I could pee on that / She’s gone out for the day and left her laptop on the counter / I could pee on that / Her new boyfriends just pushed my head away / I could pee on him…


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