Are You Anybody?

by Jeffrey Tambor
Are You Anybody?Each week we manage to find a memoir or two of famous Hollywood types that are written with humor and insight. This week’s addition is from an Emmy Award-winning actor that, for some reason, many people can’t recollect ever hearing of. However, Tambor has starred in such hits as The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested Development as well as an assortment of Broadway productions. But this memoir focuses less on his time in the spotlight and more on the people who were influential in his life as he grew from being a child with a lisp to the man in the spotlight. With humor and love, Tambor introduces us to everyone he found influential -- his eccentric Russian and Hungarian Jewish parents, a nameless man in a bookstore who taught him to love to read, and more – as each person contributed to helping him learn to answer the title question: “Are You Anybody?”


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