The Constitution – A Revolutionary Story

by Tom McHale
The Constitution

According to some news pundits and politicians, the United States has been having a “constitutional crisis” just about every other day lately. Everyone has their opinion on whether that’s true or if that’s even a good or bad thing. But for those of us left wondering if that’s really happening and what that means (because let’s face it: none of us remember anything we learned in US history in high school), we need a Cliff Notes version of the Constitution. What would be better would be a funny, Cliff Notes version – and that’s what McHale gives us here. Read this and you’ll understand just which side your on and why. And you’ll be able to tell Uncle I-Know-It-All-and-You-Should-Just-Shut-Up-And-Like-Everything-I-Post-On-Facebook to ___________ (fill in the bank)!


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