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Top 10 Travel Spots (In Name Only!)

Top 10 Travel Spots

Your Laugh Line’s Top 10 Travel Spots. Sort of. We just liked the names of these places because they offer us something that a good city or town should have — a hilarious name. Since we’ve selected some funny books that deal with travel, we thought that it would be equally as fun to look up the (errrr) hottest travel destinations too. Enjoy.

  1.  Accident, Maryland  

Accident MarylandTrip Advisor’s top ten things to do in Accident, Maryland are:  visit Firefly Farms, The Drane House, and dog sledding.  End of top ten.  But I’m sure that there’s more.  It’s just that Google doesn’t know what that might be.





2.  Bong County, Liberia

Bong County, Liberia

Although best known for an Ebola outbreak in 2014, Bong County has such a fantastic name that it had to be included in the list.  It certainly sounds like a paradise for glaucoma sufferers and stoners alike.  In truth, you should probably not visit Liberia.  There is always a travel advisory in place stating that you should “exercise a high degree of caution” because violence could erupt at any time.  Sounds like a hoot!


3.  Middlefart, Denmark

Middlefart, Denmark

It’s not as stinky as it sounds.  There is a clay museum and a whole bunch of other things that sound Scandinavian, which I can’t say or write properly.  Take the Humlemagasinets Haver, for example.  Gotta love those easy Danish words.  But it looks nice.




4.  Condom, France

Condom France

You would think that this place is very exciting, wouldn’t you?  I hate to say it, but unless you are into cathedrals and medieval stuff, Condom might not be for you.  However, on Wednesdays there is the Condom Market.  Which is just a regular rural type of market.  Sorry!





5.  Beer, England 

Beer England

Mmmmm, delicious!  Right?  Wrong!  Beer gets its name from an Old English word, bearu, which means grove and refers to the wooded area that initially surrounded the area.  But there are some pretty cool looking man made caves and a beach.  An English beach.  So bring a winter coat.




6.  Twatt, Scotland 

Twatt Scotland

Located in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, here comes Twatt.  But again, the name origins are disappointing, so this time I’m going to leave it out.  In Twatt, you can see an abandoned wartime airfield, a church, and possibly a TARDIS.  Maybe it’s not a TARDIS, though.  I’m not sure.







7.  Fucking, Austria 

Fucking Austria

You see it right.  In Austria, there is a place called Fucking.  Their claim to fame is having their sign stolen very, very often.  The village gets its name from Lord Fucko (I might be spelling that wrong) and its inhabitants should therefore be called Fuckers.  Aside from the amusing signage, you might be better off visiting Salzburg or Vienna, which is far more impressive.




8.  Dildo, Newfoundland 

Dildo Newfoundland

They have a mascot.  Captain Dildo.  I wish I was kidding but I’m not.  There are two museums in Dildo, which are: the Dildo Area Interpretation Centre, and the South Dildo Whaling and Sealing Museum.  Also, there is a gift shop called the Treasure Trove.  Hmmm, I wonder what kind of souvenirs you can pick up there…




9.  Knob Lick, Kentucky

Knob Lick Kentucky

Apparently, the only thing in Knob Lick is a restaurant that is in an old school cafeteria.  Oh, there are also 715 people living there.  And that is it.






10.  Longdong, China 

Longdong China

Most guys might get intimidated by Longdong, but it sounds pretty nice.  There is great water with plenty of tropical fish to see.  Some nearby caves and hills that are great for rock climbing.  Everything you might expect with a name like ‘Longdong’.  I was hoping for something more pornographic, but scuba diving sounds like fun, too.




Bonus #11.  Batman, Turkey 

Batman Turkey

Perhaps this is the Caped Crusader’s wintering spot.  Batman looks like a fun place to visit.  There are ancient ruins, plenty of shopping, and theaters to catch some Turkish cinema.  Interestingly, however, there is little alcohol to be found in the city, while tea is quite popular.  So, if you’re an alcoholic this might not be your best choice.




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