The Misery Manifesto

by Barb Best
Misery ManifestoType of humor:  Self-help Parody

A parody on happiness that will delight you! With cartoons by Roz Chast, Liza Donnelly, and Andrew Genn.
Self-help sucks! Self-absorbed attempts to be happy are WORK. Why eat kale, exercise to the bone, and embark on a “thoughtful, engaging, and compelling” pursuit of happiness when kvetching a blue streak works wonders on your lousy mood?
In this hilarious month-by-month survival guide from Barb Best, you’ll learn:
• How to coddle your inner curmudgeon
• 20 great reasons NOT to have sex
• Self-care for drama queens
• Money tips for the miserable
Misery: It’s an art form if you do it right. Embrace the pain; feel the joy!


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