Mink Island

by Brent Purvis
Mink IslandType of humor:  Romantic, Spooky Fun

Imagine living on a remote island, only accessible by boat or floatplane. What if you were stuck on that island with a killer at large, surrounded by a horde of outrageously loony inhabitants?

Jim Wekle’s first day as a trooper on an island in Alaska could have gone better. It was raining, the coffee was bad, and within hours of stepping off the seaplane, he found a bikini-clad girl floating in a kelp bed. As Jim investigates who might have put the bullet in her back, he stumbles across a uniquely diverse and extraordinarily hilarious batch of island inhabitants. Puffing on his imported cigars, Jim soon learns that no one on the island is more unique, diverse, or hilarious than his unlikely counterpart; a man simply known as Kram.

"Mink Island" is Book 1 of the Jim and Kram funny mystery series. They Alaskan mayhem continues with "Tsunami Warning" and "Hooligan Arm."


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