Here Comes the Witch…

by Ani Gonzalez
Here comes the witchType of humor:  Cozy, Halloween fun

This paranormal cozy mystery is a standalone spin-off of Gonzalez’s Banshee Creek romance series. Banshee Creek, for those of you who don’t know, is a town that’s so proud of its ghosts and spirits, the folks who live there brag about it being The Most Haunted Town in the USA. So it only makes sense that when Kat Ramos moves to town to settle down, she winds up in a marriage of convenience with Liam Hagen, current owner of a cursed, haunted house that he wants to get rid of. When Kat and Liam learn the curse would be lifted if they were to marry, they concoct a simple plan: get hitched, get curse removed, get rid of the house by selling it and split the profits. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently a little bit of everything could in this fast-paced and funny tale.


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