The Gurney Journey…

by Alex Jameson
The Gurney JourneyType of humor:  Paranormal, Halloweeny Humor

Yes, we’re recommending the 4th book in the series, but if you want to start at book 1, then read An Axe to Grind: the 100 Deaths of Lucas Graves, book 1. The entire dark humor series deserves to be read, though after reading it, you may change your mind about envying a cat with nine lives. Here Lucas Graves might just have to die a hundred deaths in order to pay off a karmic debt. Or maybe he’s mistaken about that. Regardless, in book four, he’s stuck in Purgatory, not because of any sins he may or may have committed with his sort-of girlfriend, Melissa, but because an evil doctor has become obsessed with his ability to come back to life and put him in a coma, which makes it a little difficult to fix that karmic dilemma.


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