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News flash: this website could make you live longer. Whether it does or not, really depends on you, or, more specifically, on how much you laugh. And how many cheeseburgers you eat in a day. And probably on how often you run into traffic without looking in both directions. Really, it can only extend your days for a limited time because eventually, well, you know, we all…ahem. Anyway, here’s the happy point: researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) are pretty sure a good sense of humor is a key to a long life.

It all started when a study conducted in the Sor-Trondelag County of Norway found that people with a good sense of humor survived chronic renal failure better than those who laughed the least. Not to be outdone, and wondering if fart jokes affected more than just the kidneys, the folks at NTNU did a two-part seven-year study. In one part, they compared folks with a good sense of humor against boring duds and discovered the mortality rate of the easy laughers was reduced by 20%. In the other part of the study, they compared the effect of a good sense of humor on healthy people versus sick people. In that second part, regardless of health status those with a good sense of humor were twice as likely to survive the seven years of the study.

However, those findings were computed back in 2010, before the current era of insanity. Could laughter still be good for us today?

Apparently it can.

Thankfully, those Norwegians are descendants of Vikings. Hearty and hale, they have stick-to-it-ivness. Either that or since the days of naval marauding are behind them, nothing else of interest is happening in Norway. Regardless, another study was conducted. This latest one was done on 53,556 men and women over a 15-year time span with the goal of determining whether there really is a link between having a sense of humor and mortality.

The results were uber-positive for the babes: women who can appreciate a good pun had a 48% lower risk of death from all causes studied, and in particular a 73% lower risk of death from heart disease and an 83% percent lower risk of death from infection.

For men, the news wasn’t as bright. But it wasn’t horrible either. Only a link between humor and the risk of death from infection was found. Those who claim whoopee cushions are NOT overrated had a 74% reduced risk of dying from an infection. It’s believed that the gender differences are because men’s sense of humor declines as they age. But if you ask the women in their lives, they’ll tell you it’s because the old farts just aren’t paying attention.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, though, it seems this site is just what the doctor ordered. Now, if only we could get them to write a prescription so that our insurance would cover the cost of our Internet service.