Operation Cosmic Teapot

by Dylan Callens
Cover of Operation Cosmic TeapotType of humor:  Satire, Philosophically Weird

Working as the CEO of Heaven Incorporated throws Nietzsche into one hell of an existential crisis and now he wants to fire God.

But the board of directors, a group of squabbling philosophers, prevent him from taking any action. Adding to Nietzsche’s problems, the Norse Gods find their way back to Earth – presumably to take over world religion. In an effort to regain control, Nietzsche sends a suspicious god to recover them. Moreover, syphilis pushes him into a past life that he would rather forget.

Operation Cosmic Teapot has been called “an ontological, existential, tripped out tempest in a cosmic teapot,” and “psycho satire,” and even, “cerebral and subversive — and a load of fun, too.” While that might be true, one thing is certain: this is religious satire in high gear.


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