Your Laugh Line Humorous Book Awards Are Here!

Your Laugh Line Humorous Book AwardsFinally, a book competition for books that matter the most: humor.

Starting February 1st, we are seeking the funniest books written in 2017.  These include non-fiction, fiction, and graphic novels.  We just want to see the funniest work that’s out there.

Everyone can participate!  While most of the prizes are juried, there is one — perhaps the most important one — where we need your help!  The Reader’s Choice Award will be given to the person with the most votes from our, and their, readers.  So, if you want to see your favorite laugh-out-loud read from 2017 win, be sure to get that author to submit their work to us, and then vote for it!

And, as a special treat for authors, we have put together a panel of judges that are prolific reviewers.  While we cannot release the names of the judges until after the competition, we have some popular bloggers and top Amazon reviewers looking at your work!  Each book that makes it to the long list and beyond will be looked at by several of these bloggers — that alone is worth the entry fee!  But there are so many more prizes to be won!

Readers can participate by reading and voting on their favorite entries here.

Authors can participate by submitting their hilarious books here.


How This Works

You are crying uncontrollably like a big, soggy baby.

Before subscribing to Your Laugh Line

You pull yourself together so you can sign up for our newsletter.

Discovering and subscribing to Your Laugh Line

You laugh yourself into a mini-vacation with a hilarious book.

Reading hilarious books suggested by Your Laugh Line.

That’s right, folks! We’re promising you a good time. Or at least a good read.

How can we be so sure we have what you need? It’s simple. We are applying a winning, almost scientifically proven formula for determining the hilarity value of a book. And that is: FA – N = BS (Funniness times Amazon Score minus No-Humor Penalty equals Book Score).

To see that in action, let’s use The Fault in Our Stars, which we gave a BS score of -5 (0 x 4.72 – 5 = -5). Granted, it’s a highly rated read, but it lacks everything else that we are looking for in order to give it a hilarity value.

Meanwhile, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy receives a 112.5 (5 x 4.5 +5). (Disclaimer: none of us are very good at math.)


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This Week’s Selection of Humorous Books